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>Funny how Torvalds can't quite wrap his head around why his rants are newsworthy. Why, he says to the interviewer, sometimes I mentally pat people on the head for doing well!

Sadly, as I have already commented to two or three occasions, taken out of context, his rants ARE extreme ... put into context, it is a different story ... when the arsehole thinks he's right, it is bad enough, when you tell him NOT once but twice or thrice that he is wrong and he still won't listen, he gets all he deserves.

I "seriously" think it is the journos who do little, FAR TOO LITTLE, research and get him for it, because, one email taken out of context is click bait ...

Better click bait would always be: "Moron doesn't understand and gets lynched by Linus" ... much better headline ...

@El reg, still waiting for the "Don't feed the lawyers icon" and would really, really, no, REALLY, like a Bestie icon as well ... this is a tech site, after all ... ;-)

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