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That would ne the same Spotify hating RIAA that sent this to the US governemtn?

We learned today from media reports that the music service Spotify has been blocked from access by users of the U.S. House of Representatives’ network. We certainly can appreciate and understand why the policy was implemented that prevents access to unauthorized peer-to-peer services for security reasons as well as to prevent use of the House network for illegal activity.

Spotify is a licensed, secure online music streaming service. In fact, it is one of the dozens of authorized digital services that the music community is partnering with to offer a catalogue of millions of songs to fans, however they want it, whenever they want it – including members of Congress and their aides. Additional details about Spotify and these other services can be found at, a comprehensive one-stop shopping guide of authorized music services that we developed with music business association NARM and our online retailer partners. These services are safe and secure, and assuring access to them not only respects the contractual relationship users may have with these services, but also achieves an important public policy goal of promoting legal, safe digital providers.


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