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"I'm not sure - most of the grunt seems to go in the GPU these days and even 1G seems to be enough for even the most evil spreadsheets."

Maybe for Open Office, but try some "cloudy" version [google docs comes to mind] and you'll be stressing a 2G or even 4G system trying to do ANYTHING with it [as well as your bandwidth].

(facepalm for the javascript-based *CRAPWARE* that poses as a substitute for an appLICATION that runs natively on YOUR CPU without some "layer" that takes up 10 times the RAM)

I only use a (single) google doc spreadsheet because a client INSISTED upon it, and I've complained about it many times (when appropriate). I don't like waiting 2 seconds after I press 'enter' for "something to update". OK it was written by a junior-level (millenial) "programmer" who was really more of an ACCOUNTANT, but still... [what do you MEAN, your computer isn't FAST enough? Your bandwidth isn't UNLIMITED? Something WRONG with YOU! - yeah typical 'millenial' thinking, who doesn't have to increase monthly expenditures by $100 for the 'better connection', nor purchase "new" hardware at confiscatory prices on a limited budget because they're not giving you enough work to PAY! THE! RENT! and then ENCUMBER YOU with THIS... and then bitch at YOU about it! yeah, if they didn't pay me money, I'd take a hike]

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