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Linus Torvalds says ARM just doesn't look like beating Intel


Maybe we need another Compaq to rescue the day. While the analogy isn't a perfect fit as C, didn't build a CPU clone, they did wrestle the PC from the cold dead clutches of IBM. The PC would have been a relic of history without the reverse engineering effort and our History of PC clones.

Relating to the current end-of-life issues with Qualcon's 80x chipset, which is absolutely a financial decision passed off as a circular wild goose chase.

Should a company have the balls to build a CPU that is restriction free, politics free (i.e. not bound to us domestic intelligence law: snapdragon vs china's mediatek, or samsung specific exynos), and usable by device manufacturers today, has comparable efficiency and processing power, isn't tied to a specific handset manufacturer and more importantly says fu to Microsoft and the ideology behind locking hardware down we might be have a mini revolution. Otherwise we're diving deeper into the current cesspool of idiocy that leads to a 2 year old device being obsolete on an irrelevant technicality, while being more powerful than some devices being sold as new.

As an appetizer: How about this google.... for hardware to be certified for use with the google apps, all of the drivers must be open source.

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