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Linus's gripes about ARM seem to have more to do with various incompatible 'flavors' at the hardware architecture level. ARM is a CPU core that defines an instruction set. x86 defines the architecture as well, from what I can tell anyway. Though I remember having a *LOT* of trouble with a motherboard that had an NVidia chipset on it (about a decade ago), because it would only boot up a single core of a multi-core CPU under FreeBSD, and I don't know if Linux had a fix for it at that time. My solution was to get a board with an intel chipset and keep everything else [CPU, RAM], and it also forced me to get a separate video card (which turned out to be another NVidia device).

THAT is the kind of thing that drives OS developers nuts, having to support some vendor that INSISTS on NOT being 100% compatible with "a standard"... especially when there appears to be *NO* standard.

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