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Considering how much dangerous stuff can be bought over t'interweb already with no oversight from overstretched trading standards/ govt. departments, how is this going to be regulated?

I see mains plugs with no fuse and inadequate dimensions here :

Our local chip shop owner had two led signs from ebay that had failed, the mains lead was secured to the hardboard by hot melt glue as was the control electronics board, no mains cable clamp at all. I've sent piccies to HSE last Feb. but heard nothing since. In case any of you are thinking of following a similar route with some dodgy electricals, be aware that neither HSE nor Trading standards seem to be aware of their respective responsibilities. I had to send HSE a copy of the relevant page from a govt. document to show them that the complaint fell within their remit. They kept arguing that :

"Thank you for taking the time to report your concern to the Health and Safety Executive. The enforcement of health and safety matters in this particular premises does not fall to HSE. HSE do not enforce Fish and Chip shops, therefore the enforcement of this premises falls to the Local Council."

and :

"Apologies that we have not gotten back to you sooner regarding your concern below.

I have had a look at the website (******) which you kindly provided the link for deals with signs for bars and restaurants.

It looks to me like a matter for trading standards rather than HSE as ****** is selling to the retail trade."

They did eventually admit that it was their responsibility as detailed here :


The Regulations are primarily enforced by the local authority trading standards departments with regard to consumer products. The Health and Safety Executive enforce the Regulations in respect of electrical equipment that is:

1. designed for use or operation by persons at work; or

2. designed for use otherwise than at work, in non-domestic premises made available for persons at a place where they may use the equipment.

Any reference to an enforcement authority in this guide is a reference to both trading standards officers and Inspectors of the Health and Safety Executive.>

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