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This was entirely predictable!

Having had quite a close look at this I'm not prepared to be so charitable. The whole strategy was flawed from the start and GDS was largely responsible for this. What has been delivered has certainly improved things but it is really lipstick on a pig. Upgrading a website and getting an App out there is OK but frankly not complex.

Alas the 'Core Systems Transformation' was a procurement led by people who didn't understand the solution complexity but could run a very thorough and lengthy procurement process. Added to that they thought they could insure themselves by having virtually every GDS 'pet' consultancy on the program. (It wasn't only HCL who messed up!) The eventual selection went to a consortium who undoubtedly bid the lowest cost with a core application that was not greatly suited to the requirements and a promise to implement it within 12 months! Who were they kidding? If anyone believed that was possible (even in the world of Agile.....which GDS obviously thinks is the panacea to everything....) then they obviously hadn't done it before. And so here we are with another failed government IT project, which while complex should have been perfectly achievable. (with a realistic time-frame and some experienced banking technologists running it). This pails into insignificance when put alongside the Williams & Glyn fiasco so I'm not saying all the banking technologists are perfect either!

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