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Possibly - its a fucking hugely wide field and he works in one apex of it and I doubt he spends his evenings playing with RaspberryPi zeros at £4 a pop going 'fucking ada I can do that on it!' as I do.

I've just spent a couple of weeks pissing about with a Pi-Top and baring the slightly shit keyboard the the PI-Top OS wanting to be Pi-Top and not raspbian I could type and code and play with shit quite happily for 7 or 8 hours battery life at a go - and it will only cost me around £30 to upgrade it when the Pi4 comes out.

My children's (10-15) friends are not in the least interested in PCs - everything they own is ARM. Of my friends 40 years older I have seen 1 surface and a couple of laptops (one of mine included) and some PCs that are intel - all the rest are ARM devides

The Pi is open architecture I believe and if someone can take that and find a matching SOC that does 4GB ram then Intel are fucked.

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