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I learned to programme MC68K assembler on a Sinclair QL (and BCPL, then C). Then went into my first job where I programmed VAXes in Macro-32, and it turned out the VAX had a very similar instruction set to MC68K - both are/were wonderful (for the time, circa 1988) modern 32-bit orthogonal instruction sets. Presumably Motorola based their 68K instruction set on the VAX as they were that similar. Things would have been a lot harder for me if I'd learned the horrors of 6502 or, god forbid x86, so in that sense I don't regret buying the QL at all!

On the other hand that keyboard, those microdrives... eugh! The fully pre-emptive mutitasking QDOS operating system with SuperBASIC (all in 48K ROM, in 1984) was quite an impressive achievement though. I'd love to see a proper write up on QDOS with input from the original author Tony Tebby.

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