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Renewables fanboys (pun intended) always miss the flaws in their chosen technology.

The AEMO's investigation continues, and one part of it is to ask why the wind farms throttled back in the final 10 seconds and 1 second of the emergency.

Probably the ~140km/h winds blowing just as a guess.

"It wasn't the renewables it was the towers". If the towers were still upright and working the ~8-900 MW of wind power being used before the rolling shutdowns would likely have had the same effect. The blushes were just spared by the wires falling down. There's an interesting chart showing the surge across the interconnector as the wind farms start shutting down, taking the demand from ~500 to nearly 900 MW. Don't let those facts slow down your march to renewable oblivion though.

The fact that SA flat pricing for Q1 2017 is $40/MWh above the nearest priced state should tell you all you need to know about how viable their little section of the grid is. SA $126, QLD $88, VIC $57

Make it in VIC for $57/MWh and sell it to SA for $126. Bargain.

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