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Linux has facilitated the cituation he is lamenting about

Well, one of the reasons for Arm hardware wild west is exactly because you can adapt a Linux tree to handle a particular hardware flavor and live with it from there onwards. The manufacturers do not care, they keep their 3.4 (on a good day) tree and stay with it. Example Samsung till recently on the Exynox, LeMaker on the Banana Pi series, etc. Windows did not allow any such liberties with the PC that is why it is so uniform.

This is also why Arm has practically won everywhere where the hardware specialization is the key - such as mobile. This is why Windows got pushed out of the way there in favor of Linux too.

I agree about the Razzie being a toy - I have started moving all the stuff I had built on Razzies to Bananas. 10+ times more reliable, significantly lower latency and all of the bundled hardware just works (tm).

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