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The Tassy grid was recently supplemented by 200 large diesel generators because they only put down one cable to Victoria and it broke.


They had run their dams down to critical levels, maximizing profit (making the most of the carbon tax whist it lasted, and letting the dams run dry), when there were signs of stress on their inter connector, cause if the rains didn't come they could rely on that (oppsie)

Some of the stuff coming out makes it look as if the SA interconnect was regularly asked to operate above designed levels. Politicians and reporters jumping in early and getting it wrong is no real surprise, and your all still doing it.

Wait for the full report, and recommendations before blowing your foot off.

Handled well by Mr Turbull? No. You expect better from a PM.

He looks plain stupid as a result.

Then again its hard not to look stupid, with todays political reporting the way it is, they love taking things out of context and trying you to fall for backing up any completely off the cuff statements.


The positive outcome is that NOW people may actually look at the problem, rather than playing politics.


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