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Are you contending that if the wind farms had not been built, and new or existing power stations had been in their place the blackout wouldn't have occurred?

There was sufficient generating capacity in place to have prevented the statewide blackout. If there had been a sensible plan and had that plan been implemented, then most of the state could have retained power. It would seem obvious that money spent on that would have been far more effective than building over-priced, over-subsidised windplant.

I note that some talking heads have called this event "unprecedented", but that's utter tosh. In 2012 India experienced the largest electrical outage in history affecting 670 million people (about 9% of the world’s population). In 2008 winter storms resulted in a nearly two-week blackout for 4.6 million people around the central Chinese city of Chenzhou. Xinhua News Agency said 11 electricians died while working to restore power, and the storm's death toll exceeded 60.

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