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Google's home tat falls flat as a soufflé – but look out Android makers


"so what's your point?"

Not sure about his, but mine is that my electro-mechanical / electronic hybrid watch bought about two decades ago has had its battery changed all of about four times total, never ever got a date wrong, twice a year when I'm adjusting for DST is always still within the proper minute (I don't care for more precision than that), is tested to be actually waterproof as I never needed to take it off even in a swimming pool, has a dial face so reflective I can just about read the time even in starlight, and costed me all of about a few dozen bucks, bought from a well-known purveyor of cheap commodity watches and musical keyboards. There is no conceivable reason I could think of to justify paying a small fortune for something that cannot possibly be better, and that includes advertisement that I had a small fortune to spend on it.

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