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Smash and grab PoS pwners ready with pre-Xmas malware update

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Edutainment enters computer security bulletins !


Are these POS in the UK or simply in the USA where chip n pin are not popular ?

Are these POS in shops around town in UK now ? Which towns ?

Are these pwnd POS to be found in small corner shops, or in busy branded retail outlets ?

Is there a Merry Xmess message displayed on the screen instead of "Please remove your card" ?

Does the POS malware author announce the latest update as being a "pre-Christmas" special, or did the news ? storie's author make that bit up ?

This is the second security none news story on this page !

What is happening to the quality of the stories here ?

Maybe it's not only the poor old uneducated IT end user that is showing signs of fatigue in keeping up with the bad guys ?


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