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An absurd inability to plan proper redundant systems seems to be an area of genuiine Aussie expertise.

You remind me of the notorious 20-day gas supply failure for the entire state of Victoria in 1998, which was all caused by the failure of a single oil.pump, which led to a fire at the Number 1 gas plant.

No problem there, right? The system planners had intelligently built three independent gas plants, any one of which could (at a pinch) supply the whole state. They had also decided that it would be cheaper and easier to build all three independent gas plants side-by-side on the same block of land.

Result: when #1 Plant blew up, it took out #2 Plant and #3 Plant as well, and the entire state ground to a halt for three weeks. No heating, no hot water, no cooking, and in many cases no job to go to even if you could cook breakfast and get clean enough for it.

(And yep, I can't possibly lock myself out of the house. I have two spare keys. 100% safe. Look - there they are - right here on my keyring.)

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