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Why is nuclear power not even considered in Oz, considering the amount of Uranium we dig up?

A number of us have asked exactly the same question. The answer we always come up with is because it would be political suicide. If a politician were to suggest this they would be shot down by the FUD sprouting groups that have entrenched economic investments in other power sources. Our politicians aren't interested in what is good for the country. All they want is to be reelected and anything that has a time frame past the next election is too visionary for them to grasp. If you look into the history of Nuclear Power in Australia you will find that a site was set aside (and is still set aside) for the location of our first Nuclear Power plant. A change of Government meant that the plans were shelved.

The creation of a nuclear power industry could provide jobs and investment in the processing of the uranium that we ship out. The setting up of a Nuclear Waste storage/disposal site could provide long term income for the country. The reprocessing of the waste could provide more opportunities. All it takes is some political backbone (that our politicians are famous for a lack of) and investment.

It will take a few more disasters like the one that hit SA before people start to realise that over dependence on "renewables" make us vulnerable.

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