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RET plan

As far as I can see from the news coverage this week, SA has a renewable energy target plan which goes something like this:

Close down reliable forms of power generation

Build a shedload of renewables to meet our politically set target

Realise that baseload generation is now bolloxed by intermittent renewables

Import the shortfall from another state.

Give themselves a big pat on the back for being green, by outsourcing their baseload dirty power generation to another state.

What happens once VIC/WA/NSW also follow this route? I heard on the news that VIC has an even bigger, legally enforcable RET on their statute books. Where is the baseload going to come from?

Why is nuclear power not even considered in Oz, considering the amount of Uranium we dig up?

Of course, I am used to shitty power here in the top end of the NT where we only have one power station that occasionally runs out of gas.

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