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Why should Booz Allen be removed as a defense contractor? While they may have hired him, it is the government (not BAH) who provides security clearances. It's only BAH's responsibility to ensure an employee is qualified for clearances. On top of this, once hired and put to work, a government representative, along with a government security manager verifies an individuals clearance and is responsible for reading them into particular programs (if appropriate).

To say Booz Allen is responsible is ignorant.

The coincidence is BAH is often contracted to find the cyber professionals to put in very sensitive positions. If you want to blame anyone, blame the current White House administration... who, instead of providing proper training to military and civilian cyber professionals, would rather pay substantially more for a contractor to find people. This is the real problem; because even after they're hired... they aren't provided with training to upgrade and maintain certifications, get the latest training, etc.

..and finally, because contracted work isn't permanent, and the pay isn't comparable to the same commercial positions, the best cyber professionals stay far away from contracted government work, because they can get paid 2 to 3 times more and have permanent employment working for a commercial company.

So again, blame the Obama administration. While they have published and updated a lot of cyber security regulations, etc. They don't provide the country with the best professionals available.

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