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Re: El Reg has a touch of multiple personality disorder it seems

This is an editorial piece - It's very much the opinion of the individual writer. Mr Orlowski doesn't seem to be much of a fan of Google, and his opinions reflect that.

The other piece you referred to was by Keiren McCarthy. I wouldn't necessarily say that Mr McCarthy has drunk the (Google) Koolaid, as he states that he's an iPhone user in his other piece specifically about the pixel. I think the upbeat nature of those pieces is more reflective of the the writer suddenly realising that other companies can make stuff just as good as his beloved brand (though most of us have known that for years, frankly).

I think it's good to get different views from the same publication. It makes it easier to correct for each writers biases and pet peeves, and gives you a better overall impression of what's really going on. Far better than having the same party line pushed out by a succession of different authors writing the the same background agenda - but if you prefer that there are plenty of other news outlets which will do it for you.

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