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Nate, the point of Infinibox is there is no price premium. In fact it's quite the opposite. The hardware cost to the vendor of any system is the sum of its parts, which in our case are all commodity. The bulk of the storage is nearline spinning disk, which per-TB is very cheap, as I'm sure you are aware. We don't have development costs for any of the hardware, unlike the VSP which you mention so the price you pay is based on a low hardware cost, low development cost, low maintenance cost and so on.

If you need a few tens of TB of storage, we're not going to try and convince you to buy Infinibox. If you're looking in the region of 100s of TB to multi-PB, then we can provide storage which under real workloads will beat AFAs on performance, has industry-leading resiliency and will cost less than others' mid-range offerings, let alone enterprise class. Our performance claim is based on actual production workloads and proofs of concept, not unrealistic lab tests, just as our compression claim is conservative unlike some of the claims I've seen wildly thrown around. We achieve what we do with innovative architecture and being incredibly efficient how we use available resources, rather than just throwing SSDs at it as many of our competitors are doing.

If you are confident the price premium is hefty, I can promise you that you will be surprised.

I know you're a 3par proponent. Consider how novel it was when it appeared on the scene. It did several things in a very new way. As did XIV, and Netapp back in the day and many others. Genuine innovation can really make a huge difference.

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