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Google's home tat falls flat as a soufflé – but look out Android makers


The thing that other phone manufacturers understand, that Google apparently never will, is that a product design that works for customers should matter more than one that works for google.

Trying to force everyone to only store their data in the cloud by not even having an SD slot clearly drives Google's agenda of datamining everything about you that they can get their hands on, but only the most clueless retards will believe their marketing that any storage method that has extra requirements of needing to be connected and uses mobile data, and takes much longer everytime you want to access something is somehow magically more convenient than having it stored locally right on your phone.

Also making the battery not removable even though it uses technology that has a finite number of recharges is great for google's bottom line (since it means the new phone owners will HAVE to buy a whole new phone every few years) but only the worst kind of sheeple (e.g. apple users) will ignore that as an obvious problem.

Still the Google bean counters are probably happy because you can't count potential sales that your stupid product design lost you, so they can just continue to incorrectly assume it must be zero.

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