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Source code unleashed for junk-blasting Internet of Things botnet

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By happy coincidence I received my new V****n router on Saturday. I was surprised to see that the username and password was available in five places: the base of the router, a pull-out tag for the router and on thee sticky labels (which presumably you're meant to slap on the side of your laptop or whatever -- at least, if you're not meant to you can damn well bet that most people will do so). That makes it a necessity to change the password right away (which you can damn well bet that most people will not do). There was mention in the instruction booklet of a management URL you could use for this, but the booklet didn't give the URL. I eventually found it on the base of the router, in such tiny print that I needed a magnifying glass to even confirm that it was a URL, let alone to read it correctly.

So, all in all, a mixed bag. I can sympathise with the difficulty of finding an acceptable solution, though, given that the majority of their customers would sooner or later run into problems if asked to change the password.

On the plus side, the router firmware looks to be self-updating. I'll reserve my final opinion on that until I see it in action.

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