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"Because it's not cities or large towns in general; it's mainly bloody London. Glaswegians and Mancunians and Durhamites and Yorkers and Belfasters "

Maybe it's just the sheer size of the urban area? In most other cities, it's usually only 10 minutes or so out into open countryside. I've never lived in London or even inside the M25, but I've spent time there and in conversation with customers, it seems many Londoners never leave the city other than to fly out on holiday to another country. Many have never, ever visited any other part of the UK. At all. Those that have, seem to know about the south coast and Brighton and have ambitions to retire there with no consideration or knowledge of other nicer and cheaper parts of the country. There seems to be a fear that everywhere except London has no pubs, no cinemas, no theatre etc.

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