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Ladies in tech, have you considered not letting us know you're female?


> have you considered not letting us know you're female?

This is ridiculous. It is at best a workaround rather than a solution. I'm not even sure it is really that, both because I don't think applicants hiding their gender is practically possible, and also I really question from personal experience whether there is actually a problem here, rather than just a PeeCee perception of one.

I can only talk about my 35+ years as a Software Developer working at many different tech companies all over the EU and US. Honestly at all those companies without exception, they were without exception all VERY careful to be gender-neutral in interviewing. In fact if anything, it was most usual that they erred so much on the side of caution that females ususally got an easier ride during interviews and more forgiving evaluation after than an equally skilled guy would. Nothing I have personally seen in the entirety of my career suggests that the actual reason for a gender imbalance (in software engineering at least) is anything other than womens own choices and prejudices. And any result of free choice should always be perfectly fine whatever it is, not perceived as a problem to be fixed, especially just to meet some PeeCee metric. Let me just nip something in the bud before some SJW calls me an insensitive chauvinist a-hole or whatever. I realise that my actual first-hand experience does not coincide with what the "politically correct" brigade would have everyone think is going on everywhere. And I don't care.

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