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Ladies in tech, have you considered not letting us know you're female?

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This doesn't ring true.

1) most references are curated by the candidate and thus they don't use negative ones

2) it isn't strictly legal to torpedo someone's chances that highly. It's why 'no comment' is pretty damaging.

You seem to lack comprehension skills. I wrote referees, not references. A reference can be quite easily cobbled together by the applicant and I make no doubt many are. What an applicant cannot do is be the person at the other end of the telephone answering my questions.

If it's illegal to contradict a job applicant's claims these days then I'm truly glad that I'm retired.

All of the other applicants were women. It's very rare for blokes to apply for a job as a receptionist regardless of the other duties required in the provided example. And of course we hired one of those other women. Just how fucking stupid do you think we were?

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