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Re: It's one of the most pervasive problems in tech: ingrained sexism...

I am asking a perfectly reasonable question: the author posits that ingrained sexism is one of the most pervasive problems in tech yet offers no proof of this whatsoever. I can similarly offer no proof but I don't think sexism is much of a problem in tech at all. So who wins? Who's right?

I would definitely like to see some tangible figures, but I don't know how you measure sexism in a tangible fashion. And the author doesn't seem to know either. And it sure looks like you don't because you're just blustering without adding any value. Perhaps you get away with that approach in your day-to-day life, but it does you no favours here.

Finally, before you descend to playground insults, you call me a WASP. If I take it you mean the standard definition of this - - then you should look deeply at your own biases and prejudices rather than putting them all on show. You know nothing about me as I know nothing about you. Long may it stay that way.

Seriously whatevs...: calm down, and start thinking.

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