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Jeremy Puddleduck

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@Pompous Git

You, and your numerous sexist responses on this thread, are really quite vile, as I am sure you are aware.

Women do more in STEM industries than "flash their tits and smile enchantingly", and despite the whinges on this thread, like most men the vast majority deserve their positions and almost certainly deserve equal pay (although probably don't get it). I work with a couple of really lazy (male) shits who astound me with their ability to do nothng, know nothing and yet float to the top. Does it make me assume all men are the same? Does it make me question the whole fairness of men getting jobs in male-domainted fields? No!

Strewth, I wonder why more women don't both with this industry with such nice welcoming people like you shouting your mouth off. Thankfully you are one of the ever-decreasing neanderthals with such bloody stupid, ill-informed views.

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