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Doesn't that just come down to good manners though?

You are correct that good manners matter, but it wasn't just good manners. Any employer will tell you that fitting in is vitally important. In fact, and I have assisted a very large number of people find work, that is the most important factor in being hired. Technical skills while not unimportant, can be taught and often must be. New hires fresh from university often know sweet FA about the real world where the technical skills they were taught are less important than those they will learn on the job.

Example: The Gitling reported that in 2nd year of a Comp Sci course he was being taught how to write a web application. He stuck his hand up and asked "What about security?". He was told that was something you added in after the application was finished.

Presumably some "fully qualified" developers never find time for that. I can remember being able to access other people's tax records by changing a number in the address box of my web browser.

I wouldn't interview someone who'd provided a false name either, although it is a good deal easier to check these days

He was in fact interviewed. The false name is irrelevant except it might have aroused suspicion if he'd used the same name on the second day. The important thing was his "disguise". And he needed to be using his real name when he was hired.

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