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Ladies in tech, have you considered not letting us know you're female?

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"The really weird thing? She got the job anyway."

After reading this it might be worth reading this piece too in todays El Reg:

"Payback time: Adam let it be known he hadn't volunteered as a referee and – a bit peeved – “found myself unable to stop myself in describing what I thought of her IT skills in a fairly blunt manner.”

The really weird thing? She got the job anyway."

Just saying. I've experienced hopeless females hired and promoted just to fulfil the quotas and its frankly annoying. Its not about sexism - its just about quality. Trust me, if I could work in a software environment where at least 50% of my colleagues were capable female software engineers, I would love it. Nothing floats my boat like an intelligent woman does. But when they are a handful of token females who have (in my experience) zero interest in their domain and very little ability, it just raises serious questions about the hiring and engineering.

Paris, asking me to do a code review for her. Oh, and it doesn't seem to compile, maybe I could help with that too?

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