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You can say its ok because he apologized, but I have to ask how it ever got published in the first place! I don't mean the Wall Street journal by the way, when they received the article they probably rubbed there hands in glee at the extra publicity this would generate, but having written the article, he didn't have someone in his firm (legal if nothing else) read it to make sure it was OK. And if he did do that, how did that person not point out to him that he was going to come across as a total dick with this article?

Actually thinking about your last point, IT is one of the few industries which COULD actually do blind interviews. Do everything over the chat, hand over a program to be debugged, ask them to fix a problem remotely? All that seems very doable in a blind test setting. True you want to make sure someone will fit with the team, but testing their skills first, seems like a reasonable idea, and once you have who is the best candidate from the tests you can bring them in and talk to them. Just a thought?

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