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Ladies in tech, have you considered not letting us know you're female?

Pompous Git Silver badge

I don't need my cohesive and cheerful team constantly tiptoeing on eggshells wondering if an "outdated" word or "microaggressive" look is going to cost them their job.

... if your skills are the best out of the applicants and you come across as fairly easygoing and relatable to my team, you'll get the job, end of.

Precisely. You can even be lacking some technical skills (teachable stuff) and still get the job if you seem like you want to work and get on well with everyone else.

Finally, if I see gender studies or sociology on your CV, it goes straight in the bin and you don't even get a phone call, much less an interview.

When you have 3-400 applicants for one position, you're always looking for a reason to reject applicants so there's a manageable number at the interview stage.

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