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Try again but without the sarcasm

"'The single most significant factor was the introduction of blind auditions during the late 1970s, in which a screen obscured the musicians' age, gender and ethnicity from the panel of evaluators.'

You see, rather than expecting men to recognize their own inherent biases and prejudices and question them, the best solution is to leave them be and occasionally fool them. Don't worry, they won't mind if you don't do it too often."

I stopped reading a little after this as I got sick of the condescending tone.

A blind application process is a good way of removing any inherent bias by any person involved in the recruitment process. For example, studies have shown that people often assume that fat people are lazy.

The person you're so scathing of may well be making some stupid points from their lofty tower of privelege but yours are far worse.

Given the choice between hoping a human action will be self-corrected or eliminating it completely which option should an IT news site be advocating?!?

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