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Ladies in tech, have you considered not letting us know you're female?


What a load of old bollocks

Why should women have to disguise who they are? Men don't. If anything the onus is on men to treat women as they'd expect to be treated themselves.

Think about it. Last time you were giving a talk at a conference (if you're a chap) when was the last time you were asked a question like "so how do you find developing, as a man?" Ever? Never? Ah. Never. Thought so. It's not interesting. You get asked about the cool things that you've done.

And so it should be with women. Their sex isn't interesting, what they've achieved is. So ask about that, respect them for that, employ them for that instead.

And remember, chaps, it's not emasculating to be a feminist. It's emasculating not to be one.

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