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My 2 cents as a 2016 CS Grad

To say that there is some sort of opppression of women urging them to choose alternative career paths is frankly, horse shit. The 2 graduating girls in my class joined after doing a hnd in computer studies , but their grades were not taken into account when joining my uni course to get a full degree. Also their degree status, 2:1 etc was determined not by some overall calculation of the hnd and one year top up, but totally on their final year. So just to emphasise, I worked my ass off to get on the course and these ladies got a free pass because "reasons", I worked my ass off for the full three years and got a 2:1, just narrowly missing a first. Both ladies got a 2/1 and a 2/2 respectively. Both cheated their entire third year, in everything. This was pointed out and ignored because "reasons". One even admitted on Facebook that she regularly cheated her ccna chapters but that was also "none of the Uni's business what she posts on her private social media".

Moving on to my point, every company that came to visit up and coming grads openly promoted taking women first, because "reasons", both girls were offered a job with large tech companies prior to the end of their degree without a final grade being a condition of employment. This was the exact opposite of everyone else on the course who was male, we had to hit our target grade to stand a chance of a job. After completing my degree not a single tech company would look at my cv, so I did a little experiment and gave myself a girls monicker. Every company emailed me back for an interview. "Co-incidence "I'm sure.

So what now? These two girls from my class are working in tech, without the knowledge to do the jobs they have luckily gained, and the truly outstanding and hard working get the shaft. Out of our graduating class of 12 only 4 have jobs in the tech sector. Myself, another guy who moved back to Vietnam and was hired on merit, and the two girls. Sadly the only real "genius" of the group, a guy who walked away with the highest score for a degree in a decade is now working in retail because no one will hire him. My uni is in the top 5 for the UK, as for my job I left the uk and found a job within a week.

"The other thing I know from work around the world is that women truly only get empowered when there's a collective of them." - Melinda gates

So companies have to make a choice, hire the best and brightest or choose women purely based on their genitals. How this isn't sexist is beyond me, some special feminist mathematics I'm sure. I'm sure their are very talented women who are up and coming in the industry but to pander to a whole gender purely because of low numbers is truly sickening to me. Remind me again why I spent £50.000 on my degree?

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