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Ladies in tech, have you considered not letting us know you're female?

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Anonymous Coward

It is, of course, eminently reasonable that men should be thought of as more intelligent than women. After all, they have two brains to think with instead of being limited to only one. It is fortunate that men have been endowed with a penis; a most excellent organ, which it is well known that many men use to help them think. Unfortunately, women were not so well endowed by their creator and must make do with only using their brains for thinking. This has, as would be expected, led to great advancements by men throughout history, while women, being less competent, have not been so productive. It is fortunate then, that they have frequently been content to follow the wise advice of their men and undertake tasks that do not require so much intellectual rigor.

Sorry, that was my penis talking. They always SOUND so eloquent, but they really just want to do some spelunking and then whitewash the place.

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