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Ladies in tech, have you considered not letting us know you're female?

Steven Roper

"If you're going to stress your differences"

As an employer, I'm not interested in your sexual or ethnic differences. I'm not employing you because you're white or black or female or genderqueer, I'm employing you because I want someone who can read and write PHP, Perl, Python, Java and Javascript, or someone who can use Photoshop, InDesign, Scribus or Gimp. Where your ancestry originates or how you use your bedgear simply isn't germaine to these requirements.

In fact, if you go to lengths to indicate your differences, I'm less likely to consider you, not because of racism or sexism or homophobia, but because your pointing out these differences suggests to me that you're a special snowflake, who plays the victim card when things don't go your way and are likely to cause problems within my team the moment someone slips up in their speech to the slightest degree. I don't need my cohesive and cheerful team constantly tiptoeing on eggshells wondering if an "outdated" word or "microaggressive" look is going to cost them their job.

On the other hand, if your CV simply illustrates your skill set and what your worth is to my team then you'll get an interview, and if you turn out on the day to be an Aboriginal or woman or whatever it won't affect my decision to employ you one bit - if your skills are the best out of the applicants and you come across as fairly easygoing and relatable to my team, you'll get the job, end of.

Finally, if I see gender studies or sociology on your CV, it goes straight in the bin and you don't even get a phone call, much less an interview. People who study these subjects are almost universally SJWs, and the worst ones are the white males out to virtue-signal their support for political correctness. I don't need toxic gender/race politics destabilising my team and destroying my productivity, thank you very much.

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