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Ladies in tech, have you considered not letting us know you're female?

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I haven't read the full article (paywall), but the extract sounded quite reasonable, even with the sarky comments from El Reg. Present a professional image, and you'll be treated as a professional. Post a "duckface" photo on LinkedIn and expect derision. (Yes, my profile photo shows my Movember 'tach, so I'm clearly not professional either). If you're going to stress your differences, make sure you explain how that difference brings benefits to $POTENTIAL_EMPLOYER

I truly believe I'm colour and gender blind - if you can do the job, you get my respect. If not, excuses about it being harder for a woman or a black man in a white mans world don't go very far.

Thumbs up for Jo, Sam, Wil, Nic and a number of other women I've worked with. Including the awesome Diane, who can beat most men in most fields.

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