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So microsoft's new platform :


BingAi: Hallo. What can I do for you today.

User: I need to get to work at (address)

BingAi: Your credit score is sufficient to take out a $45,000 loan to buy (ADVERTISER) car model (HOTTICKET). Tap here to buy.

User: No, I have a car I just need directions

BingAi: We have found 84 devices on sale on 8 different marketing platforms that can provide directions. The most popular of these is (ADVERTISER) model (JUNK+1) at $275.00 Tap here to purchase.

User: No, just look up the directions and give me a map on my phone dammit.

BingAi: Your phone is 4 months old! You need to update your phone, We've found 11 Models of phone that have many improvements. We suggest (ADVERTISER) model. Tap here to buy.




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