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Ah, the French... Ou est le chat?

I recall going to Paris with the ex-wife when she was expecting. Not having covered 'my partner is up-the-duff' in school boy French, I added various helpful phrases to my lexicon, such as "ma femme est enceinte", just in case. I had learned a new word; enceinte - pregnant.

Pottering around on the Metro, I was intrigued by a sign that read "Il est interdit pour introducer des animaux dans l'enceinte de system Metropolitan".

Hang on... I thought. It is forbidden to introduce animals into pregnancy on the Metro? Do they have a problem with people breeding dogs down there? Is there an army of stripy jumper wearing farmers tupping their sheep in between the turnstiles?

The best concept I could find was that English used to refer to pregnancy as "the confinement" at one point. Then it becomes clear. You can't bring your pets within the confines of the Metro.

Je suis enceinte, pas un chat.

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