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No wonder we're being hit by Internet of Things botnets. Ever tried patching a Thing?


Users are Key

It doesn't matter how many patches you offer if users will not use them. Also IOT tends to be difficult to patch. Several things need to be done.

Offer upgrades with patches. Create an incentive to patch.

Punish those who don't patch shut down the device or add legal issues.

Require manufacturers to provides support. A simple way would be to require that a failing company as part of the bankruptcy either make arrangements to patch things or open source the code.

Also people need to realize that not everything needs to be on the net. I have electronic locks but they are local control only and that is not likely to change. I need to unlock the door when I am in front of it not from remote locations. My lighting control likewise sits behind a firewall so as not to be hacked. It works great when I am home.

We need people to realize that while "being on the net" may have it's benefits there are risks as well.

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