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Scrapped NHS ballsup cost taxpayer almost £8m


Always biting off too much to chew


Patient opt-in system

Patient must be able to opt-out after opt-in

Identify patient

Get Patient's GP's phone number

Encryption, access control and access/change logging etc. implemented from day 1

Extendable system but no *requirement* for any other data <otherwise every health professional wants all their data file formats to be "standards" in the UK-wide database - never going to happen; queue massive bun-fight and resistance and another £8m down the drain>

Set up a charity to hold and manage the data, who's charter is inviolate and does not permit sharing data outwith the NHS *ever* (ever isn't possible really, but using a charitable "buffer" makes it harder for some future douchebag parliament to play fast-and-loose with the data)

Get that system working reliably and then come back for more if you make it...

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