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"Apple runs a hard line with security in an attempt to prevent tampering, and it is for this reason that it may be unsurprising that the app was taken down."


Tampering is unauthorized modification or change. If the owner of the device, who paid hundreds of dollars for the iThing, does not have the authority to authorize modifications to that device, who does? Can he really be said to own the device if changing it in any way Apple doesn't like is "tampering?"

This is why I'll never buy/own/use anything Apple, even as Microsoft is dead-set on suiciding its own Windows franchise (I'll never go near Win 10 either). When I buy something, I own it; I decide what it does and does not do. I don't want to hear any jibber-jabber about "you own the device, but not the OS." I own the instance of the OS running on my device. Anything short of that is usurpation of my rights as the owner, and unless Apple or MS is going to reimburse me for the devices I own, I'm still the sole owner with sole authority over that device.

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