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Personally speaking, I think it's fair to say that the advertising+media world fucked up pretty bad with shitty bloated Flash ads, invasive popups, and dodgy ad networks that try to infect people. So I get why people use ad blockers to protect their systems and avoid slowing down their browsers.

(FWIW El Reg has a small but able ad ops team who are fast, smart and dedicated to weeding out any crap ads. We try our very best to serve only quality ads that won't piss you off in the hope that ppl whitelist us in their ad block plugins, if they're using them.)

Why are Reg journos anti-blockers? Well, there's a worry that when ads across the web are finally cleaned up - such as using pure HTML5, no creepy JS, no sound, no fucking tricks - no one will see them anyway because the bridge has been burned and everyone's using ad blockers, and then we'll be left with Bloomberg and, er, Bloomberg.

And that's no fun at all.


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