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Forgive me, father, for I have used an ad-blocker on news websites...


No, no, it's not the ads - it's the Java

Serve all the ads all you want. God knows we can't go to a ballgame without seeing a Budweiser banner draped over the outfield wall. It's being watched that's objectionable. It's why the IOT is such a nightmare for me: marketers' ideal is to know even what we talk about in our own homes in order to profit from pushing personal advertisement, and no matter how strongly they feel they're entitled to such information, I equally strongly disagree. I don't want any corporation - even grocers - to know that I'm out of bread. I really can't see how that's unreasonable.

For the moment our phones and PCs are their brightest eyes (eavesdropping television microphones notwithstanding (>cough!< Samsung!)) but in light of the recent picnic we saw a fortnight ago with long-pwned Apple devices suddenly and urgently needing an upgrade, it's clear that it's just begun. Tailoring my Java permissions is also why I'm spared the plague of Auto-Play that's turned up lately, so it follows that I would support a return to billboard-style advertising on the internet, as with the late millennium, in the days before Flash and Shockwave planted a neon "mug me" sign over every user online. Hotlinked JPEGs BUILT the frikin' internet, for cryin' out loud. I know, I was there.

Oh, billboards don't make as much money for advertisers? So sorry to hear that. PCs have been commoditized down to $250, movies on disc have been commoditized down to $2.99 in the checkout stand at the grocery store, my own job was commoditized and shipped to Bangalore. It's time we commoditized Madison Avenue's asses for once.

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