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I have little guilt for using a host file based adblock however, I understand the plight of these sites. There business models are being turned upside down. In reality when the fight with Adblockers is over we're going to either be left with significantly fewer sources of free content or the current status quo will continue with more and more sites limiting access when they detect adblockers.

In reality, I do feel bad about freeloading however, I don't block add because they annoy me (they do but not enough to put those sites I enjoy at risk) but I do use them because they are often insecure and break rules on tracking way too often without consequence.

In regards to "Antron Argaiv " comment:

"Maybe if they showed ads that didn't blink, use up half my processor, and, crucially, offer me something I was actually interested in,"

I'd rather the adds didn't know me well enough to target specific ads at me!

I'd more than happily agree to have ads, even some popups, if the ad stream in questions were controlled, vetted and as some have put punished for breaches.

That said to give this power to a single completely biased entity like adblock is a dangerous precedent. the only sustainable approach would be to have an advertising body that would grant licences to multiple advertisers with all adblocking software whitelisting these licenced bodies. These licences could then be pulled for malware or other such breaches of acceptable advertising standards. However, if that were to happen we'd have to pay for adblocking software or hope that the big browsers were to incorporate the software.

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