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Spot on commenters

I agree with all the comments I read here (yea, I lazily read a half dozen). I feel no guilt either because it's not my hatred of commercials that got us here. It's a security risk, period.

I've had ads served by Yahoo and Google both have injected malware in them and even though my AV (Webroot) stopped them cold, it's the creepy factor that comes from being on a legit site and suddenly seeing your AV go nuts about an attempted driveby. Ad servers need to take security and content much more seriously and maybe folks like me would loosen up a bit, but to me ad these days are like popups were in the 90s.

Would you turn off your pop-up blocker if a site told you they wanted you to? Nope. Same thing.

I am truly sorry that the sites I love (<hugs El Reg>) don't get revenue from my visits, but I try to bring other readers to those sites, which should make up for some of my sins. Not all of them are using blockers.

As for me, I visit this site from work and I'm an Enterprise Administrator level account so I can't risk my network security over a few pennies of revenue for websites.

As a matter of fact, I'm sure this spurred the conversation, I had to remove The Register from my favorites list yesterday for this very reason. Their choice (to block my adblocker) didn't generate any additional revenue for them, it only cost them a reader (I'm sure they would say they are saving bandwidth by me not going there anymore).

Don't follow their lead Reg, it's not worth pissing off your readers... plus, we wuv you! <big dooey eyes>

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