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A bit late to the party but.....

After the LAST "AD Blocker is killing the Internet" spree, I decided to try a few sites I normally block, and see how bad it was.

The answer was "Judgement Day" bad; every website load was slowed to a crawl, and a number of websites with user forums similar to this one were broken; so many trackers and ads were trying to load, the pages timed out.

On some popular click-bait websites (looking at you Buzzfeed), the list of trackers and ad servers runs to over THREE PAGES; and if you allow that lot ANOTHER PAGE (or two), of them appears!!

My 80Mb connection felt like my old 40Kb line back in the 90's.

You'll get my ad blocker off of me when you prise it from my cold, dead hands; block my blocker and you are dead to me.

A clueless friend foolishly joined FaceBook last month, he is now panicking and asking how to get all his info back off, as he is being bombarded with "targeted" ad crap (the only "targeting" being his name included), where-ever he goes on the internet.

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