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"that just constantly distract me from the articles on the page I want to see."

That is the POINT of advertising. They want to stop you doing what you want to do, and attract your attention to what the advertiser wants you to do. And if they are going to distract you, then they might as well do a good job of it with flashing adverts, loud music and expanding animations that cover the page if you move the mouse over them. (where mouseover is defined as 200px wide adverts reaching from the header to footer on both the left and right hand sides of the page, plus a 600px wide banner advert across the top) thereby making it virtually imposssible to read the content on the page until you adblock ahem, close said advert.

This without mentioning the fact that the ads are usually of comparable quality to the product the salesdroid is pushing, which means that in a far from zero set of cases they cause the adobe plugin to hang, making that page in your web browser unusable. In the cases it's actually trying to display an advert instead of trying to install the latest zero day trojan.

And so do I feel guilty in blocking adverts...? Ahahahaha. Ah, no. Not really. Because if I don't, then I can rarely actually visit any websites to read the content and I probably wouldn't be able to spend any money on what's being advertised anyway because all of my money would have been cleared out by banking trojans.

If the advertising industry would perhaps like to address these points then I might be inclined to stop disabling their adverts. Until then...

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