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Forgive me, father, for I have used an ad-blocker on news websites...

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If a site asks me (politely) to stop AdBlocking, I will sometimes do that, if I am feeling benevolent and if the last ad infestation I have seen has not pissed me off. If I disable AdBlock and am then presented with animated ads, video ads, ads for stuff I just bought, moron offers for special deals, invitations to have my registry hosed etc., AdBlock goes back on and I quit the site. Simples.

Ads on my mobile devices provoke another aspect to the discussion. Because I don't rely on my mobile devices as a social crutch and can generally live without an always-on data connection, I simply use a basic PAYG and manage with maybe £20 of credit about once a year, paying a standard rate for calls, for texts and per meg of data.

The thing that puzzles me is this: Would anyone accept a reverse charge call from a marketing company, just so said marketing company could sing their client's praises? Would anyone pay the postage to receive an unfranked advertising mailshot? - I submit no-one would. Commentards' opinions would be welcomed.

Given that, why the hell should I be expected to pay for the "pleasure" of downloading some marketing company's dross ad content that I neither wanted not asked for?

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